Accidents . . . & Another Giveaway!

Karma would suggest I should be getting regular emergency calls and texts from my kids’ schools. Why? Because I put my poor mom through hell. Sorry, mom.

As a child, I was extremely accident prone. My first “major” accident happened on my eighth birthday. (I’ve had plenty of “minor” scrapes including bumps, bruises and breaks, and one finger that has been stitched together more times than I can count.) On my eighth birthday, I was hit by a car when I rode my bike through an intersection without stopping. My face had road burn (ouch.) I broke both of my arms and was in casts for months. I still remember trying to get dressed with two casts and a face covered in healing ointment; it was nearly impossible.

In grade school and middle school, I had numerous concussions. My head got bumped so many times, I had to wear a helmet even when I played basketball (go ahead and poke fun at me.) Did that deter me from sports and high-risk adventures? Not at all.

In high school, I was thrown out of two cars in roll-over crashes which resulted in even more broken bones and stitches. I wasn’t driving either time. So yes, I’m lucky (and grateful) to be here. I’m glad my parents let me continue to take risks and have adventures. Who knows? Maybe some of those bumps on the head opened the creative spaces in my brain!

And so far, my kids have been relatively accident free. (Fingers crossed.)

Feel free to ask me questions as I get to know you all better.

N.J. Donner
The Blue Moon Narthex
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Review Giveaways (Monthly!)


Hello to all of you KSL members near and far of the Coreseum.  Follow three quick steps to be entered into our monthly giveaway drawings:

  1.  Write a review on Amazon (2 entries), GoodReads (1 entry) &/or NetGalley (1 entry.)
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  3.  E-mail your screenshot(s) to Done! You are now entered to win a t-shirt, mug, & a free audiobook promo code!

Good luck and thank you for all of the continuous support of The Blue Moon Narthex.  I am ecstatic with all of the kind words from all of you; it pushes me even harder to finish The Kin Larsi Agenda: Book 2 of the KSL Series.

Until Next Time, Friends,

N.J. Donner

What Happens Next? Chapter 4 of The Blue Moon Narthex

It’s just six days until the release of The Blue Moon Narthex, but I can’t leave you hanging, curious about the strange gift Norm gave Cole at the end of the third chapter. You’ll find the link to chapter four below.

Several readers have asked how I came up with ideas for settings. First, I picked an era of history that has always fascinated me. I found a picture of an old estate that I used as the setting for Cole’s house and the grounds in the first chapter. The picture seemed to suggest a place that would have secret passages and hidden gates.

Well, I won’t keep you waiting….


If you missed the first three chapters, you can read them here.

The Blue Moon Narthex releases next Tuesday, February 7th. Pre-order your copy here! Personalized, autographed copies are available here on my website! My book launch party is tomorrow (see flyer above) here in Lincoln, NE; I hope to see you all there!

Everyone Needs a Good Dog. Chapter 3 of The Blue Moon Narthex!

Thanks for your response to the first two chapters of The Blue Moon Narthex. It’s fun to be able to talk with you about the characters, the setting, and the action. Please keep sharing your comments and questions. If you haven’t read the first two chapters yet, you can find them here:

Chapter 1!

Chapter 2!

You’ve met one of my favorite characters in the book, Norm’s dog, Diesel. Every story needs a good dog. I’ve known several good dogs in my life and Diesel, a black Labrador, who’s name and likeness were not changed, was the maintenance manager’s dog at my steel company. We miss you, Diesel; you were loved by everyone. We currently have two dogs in our home, including Elka our five year old German Shepherd and Gunner our eight month old yellow lab who joined our family during Adopt-A-Shelter-Pet Month last October.

Want to read more about Diesel, Norm and Cole? I’m sharing the third chapter today!


Don’t forget to share your questions and comments below. We’re less than two weeks away from the release of The Blue Moon Narthex. You may pre-order your copy here!.

N.J. Donner
The Blue Moon Narthex


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After the Train Wreck. Chapter 2 of The Blue Moon Narthex!

Last week I gave you a sneak peek of the first chapter of The Blue Moon Narthex. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here! We left Cole in the smoky aftermath of a train derailment….

Cole’s father, Richard McCarthy, ran a railroad, and trains play a big part in Cole’s adventures. The early 1900’s had been the heyday of the American railroad. New lines had been built to move people and goods around the country. But rising operating costs, government price controls, and tension between railroad companies and unions made the years prior to World War I stressful for railroad executives.

Would you like to know what happened to Richard and Cole in the derailment? You can access the second chapter at the link below!


I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of the story. Please share these links with other readers. Keep posting your questions and comments below; I love interacting with you all.

N.J. Donner
The Blue Moon Narthex

Sneak Peek of The Blue Moon Narthex! (Chapter 1 Leak)

I’ve never been good at waiting. I can hardly bear the anticipation of Christmas. I’m always far more excited about the special gifts I’ve purchased and wrapped for other people than I am about those for me.

When I started writing The Blue Moon Narthex almost two years ago, I imagined the day readers could open the cover and lose themselves in the adventures of Cole, Britten and Sophie. The official release is less than a month away, but it seems its taking forever for February 7th to get here. I can’t wait anymore. I’m letting you unwrap the first chapter today:


I’m really excited to share this story with you! One of the most difficult parts of writing is the long delay between creating a world and being able to share it and talk about it with readers. Please read the first chapter and let me know you think.

I’ll plan to share a few more chapters with you in the coming weeks. Enjoy this sneak peek and share it with your friends who love to read.

The Blue Moon Narthex
N.J. Donner

32 Days & Counting!

(c)2017_Steel Page Press_KSL Doctrine

It’s just 32 days until the release of The Blue Moon Narthex, the first book in the Karmanic Sovereign Legion Series. Over the next five weeks we’ll be leaking intel from the legion and even some chapters!

Over four hundred years before Cole McCarthy comes into possession of the coveted Blue Moon Narthex, a secret organization was formed to assist Karma. This is their doctrine:

Doctrine of The Karmanic Sovereign Legion

Karmanic: The power of the world’s Karmanic matter will be our guide. Let us only assist the good and fight the urge to sympathize with the bad. We shall not use this great power for our own selfish purpose but for the greater good of all.

Sovereign: Not governed by borders or governments of mankind, we are free from influence that may pull us from our mission. We are free from the judgments of anyone based on age, gender, race or religion, as Karma does not see these attributes, but only one’s actions.

Legion: A group that cannot be divided and will not serve one but is a servant of all. We are bound together with the common goal of balancing the good and bad actions of the world.

Let it be known on this 12th day March 1414, that the Karmanic Sovereign Legion will be formed. As the founding members of this legion, we are sworn to protect and uphold all good deeds of the world while defeating the bad deeds of the few.

The use of the Karmanic power will be respected and used only for the greater good of all and not for the benefit of one. This Legion cannot be successful without the inclusion of all people. The Karmanic Sovereign Legion will promote equality among all, regardless of gender, creed, ethnicity, or age. All words spoken will be held with same respect no matter who speaks them.

We and all of the Karmanic Sovereign Legion will uphold this doctrine above all else.

Download a copy of the KSL doctrine: KSL Doctrine

Coming next week: Read Chapter 1 of the Blue Moon Narthex!

Preorder The Blue Moon Narthex now on Amazon!

The Blue Moon Narthex
N.J. Donner

Karmanic Sovereign Legion Doctrine!

Read the full KSL doctrine here:

KSL Doctrine

N.J. the Builder: Using “What If…”

My journey toward writing a novel began with building imaginary gadgets and worlds in my mind that started from a simple idea. The story around those came later.

I’m a builder. As a kid, my two sisters and I, along with our three cousins, would build forts in the barns or the trees at my uncle’s farm. We’d scavenge for any scraps of wood we could find, then spend hours planning the “what if,” sawing, and hammering. Our parents still remind us how many hammers and saws we lost.

We didn’t have nearly as much fun playing in those forts as we did building them. As soon as we finished a fort, I was already dreaming up the next one. What if we made it taller, or bigger, or built it in a different place? We could discuss ideas for hours.

The ideas for my novels started the same way:

What if… someone had a device that could help control Karma? How would it work? What would it look like? What powers would it have?

What if… that device could be concealed on a wrist cuff, or necklace, or at the top of a cane, and the world thought they were ordinary objects?

What if… the people who had these devices created a secret headquarters? What would it look like? Where would it be hidden? How would it be hidden? What kind of technology would they have? What would their communication system be like? How would the world be powered?

And on and on. I made drawings of objects and filled pages with maps and blueprints of the world. Then the story began to emerge. What if the members of the secret society had to keep the powerful devices out of evil hands?

Just like the forts I built as a kid, I love creating the worlds for my novels. Much to the chagrin of my editors, I still spend most of my time thinking what if

Start with something common and simple, and don’t stop asking what if… until it becomes something uncommon and extraordinary.

Want to know more about the devices and world I imagined? My first book The Blue Moon Narthex, is available for pre-order now on Amazon. We also have a giveaway running now:click here to enter!

N.J. Donner
The Blue Moon Narthex

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