As I mentioned in my last blog, writing isn’t my full-time job. My writing time must fit around running a company and keeping up with my wife, kids, and pets.
I’ve found I’m most productive when I write in the proper environment. For me that means some place free of distractions. In other words, I need a space where I don’t look around and see a million other things that need my attention. I’m in the process of creating an office space at home where I can get away to write. I really enjoy an organized space, free of clutter or other paperwork.

I often write at a local coffee shop. I try to find a table in the back away from the bustle and activity of the counter and front door. I wear ear buds and listen to music so I won’t start writing stories based on the conversation at the next table, though that would be fascinating. I think I could write a book using only what is overheard in the coffee shop. I listen to different types of music depending on my mood. It might be anything from classical to mellow or meditative, but it has to be instrumental only. Lyrics distract me.

Wherever and whenever you write, create an environment that fosters creativity. Hang in there! We’re halfway through NaNoWriMo. I’m through chapter 15 of the sequel to The Blue Moon Narthex. (Pre-Order TBMN here on Amazon!) Tell me about your favorite place to write in the comments below!

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