I’ve never been good at waiting. I can hardly bear the anticipation of Christmas. I’m always far more excited about the special gifts I’ve purchased and wrapped for other people than I am about those for me.

When I started writing The Blue Moon Narthex almost two years ago, I imagined the day readers could open the cover and lose themselves in the adventures of Cole, Britten and Sophie. The official release is less than a month away, but it seems its taking forever for February 7th to get here. I can’t wait anymore. I’m letting you unwrap the first chapter today:


I’m really excited to share this story with you! One of the most difficult parts of writing is the long delay between creating a world and being able to share it and talk about it with readers. Please read the first chapter and let me know you think.

I’ll plan to share a few more chapters with you in the coming weeks. Enjoy this sneak peek and share it with your friends who love to read.

The Blue Moon Narthex
N.J. Donner