Hello to all of you KSL members near and far of the Coreseum.  Follow three quick steps to be entered into our monthly giveaway drawings:

  1.  Write a review on Amazon (2 entries), GoodReads (1 entry) &/or NetGalley (1 entry.)
  2.  Screenshot your review(s) — no limit: can post on all three. If you do not win the first month, no worries! Your entry will carryover to the following month for the next drawing.
  3.  E-mail your screenshot(s) to info@kslseries.com. Done! You are now entered to win a t-shirt, mug, & a free audiobook promo code!

Good luck and thank you for all of the continuous support of The Blue Moon Narthex.  I am ecstatic with all of the kind words from all of you; it pushes me even harder to finish The Kin Larsi Agenda: Book 2 of the KSL Series.

Until Next Time, Friends,

N.J. Donner

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