Karma would suggest I should be getting regular emergency calls and texts from my kids’ schools. Why? Because I put my poor mom through hell. Sorry, mom.

As a child, I was extremely accident prone. My first “major” accident happened on my eighth birthday. (I’ve had plenty of “minor” scrapes including bumps, bruises and breaks, and one finger that has been stitched together more times than I can count.) On my eighth birthday, I was hit by a car when I rode my bike through an intersection without stopping. My face had road burn (ouch.) I broke both of my arms and was in casts for months. I still remember trying to get dressed with two casts and a face covered in healing ointment; it was nearly impossible.

In grade school and middle school, I had numerous concussions. My head got bumped so many times, I had to wear a helmet even when I played basketball (go ahead and poke fun at me.) Did that deter me from sports and high-risk adventures? Not at all.

In high school, I was thrown out of two cars in roll-over crashes which resulted in even more broken bones and stitches. I wasn’t driving either time. So yes, I’m lucky (and grateful) to be here. I’m glad my parents let me continue to take risks and have adventures. Who knows? Maybe some of those bumps on the head opened the creative spaces in my brain!

And so far, my kids have been relatively accident free. (Fingers crossed.)

Feel free to ask me questions as I get to know you all better.

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