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It’s just 32 days until the release of The Blue Moon Narthex, the first book in the Karmanic Sovereign Legion Series. Over the next five weeks we’ll be leaking intel from the legion and even some chapters!

Over four hundred years before Cole McCarthy comes into possession of the coveted Blue Moon Narthex, a secret organization was formed to assist Karma. This is their doctrine:

Doctrine of The Karmanic Sovereign Legion

Karmanic: The power of the world’s Karmanic matter will be our guide. Let us only assist the good and fight the urge to sympathize with the bad. We shall not use this great power for our own selfish purpose but for the greater good of all.

Sovereign: Not governed by borders or governments of mankind, we are free from influence that may pull us from our mission. We are free from the judgments of anyone based on age, gender, race or religion, as Karma does not see these attributes, but only one’s actions.

Legion: A group that cannot be divided and will not serve one but is a servant of all. We are bound together with the common goal of balancing the good and bad actions of the world.

Let it be known on this 12th day March 1414, that the Karmanic Sovereign Legion will be formed. As the founding members of this legion, we are sworn to protect and uphold all good deeds of the world while defeating the bad deeds of the few.

The use of the Karmanic power will be respected and used only for the greater good of all and not for the benefit of one. This Legion cannot be successful without the inclusion of all people. The Karmanic Sovereign Legion will promote equality among all, regardless of gender, creed, ethnicity, or age. All words spoken will be held with same respect no matter who speaks them.

We and all of the Karmanic Sovereign Legion will uphold this doctrine above all else.

Download a copy of the KSL doctrine: KSL Doctrine

Coming next week: Read Chapter 1 of the Blue Moon Narthex!

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The Blue Moon Narthex
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